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Greetings our esteemed customers and partners, we are delighted to present to you our website, Multiple Super Investments Ltd has over the years committed to providing high-quality healthcare services and supplying state-of-the-art medical equipment in East Africa.

We aim to become one of the main regional suppliers of the best worldwide medical brands as a successful globalization star through embracing and devoting to our company operational values, that is to say; Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Knowledge, Service Excellence, and Continuous Improvement.



Multiple Super Investments Ltd is a medical product care provider founded in Uganda in 1996. We are a member of a group of companies, Shifa Chemists Ltd and Healthcare Ltd which includes Multiple Super Investments Ltd working in Uganda within different cities that include; Mbarara, Ibanda, Kabale, Mbale, Arua, Jinja, and Kampala along with a sub-distributor in Rwanda.

As the market leader in distribution, our range of generic products has been delivered by Healthcare Professionals and qualified staff.


Being located in the heart of the East African Region, we aim to become one of the main regional suppliers of the best worldwide medical brand names as a successful globalization star.

  • To provide the best solutions for service supply systems and managing Health products in East Africa.
  • To expand into African markets and to other identified world markets.
  • To extend our product range within the healthcare industry.


We have a wide variety of medical products of high standard certified by international and local authorities, we are strive to improve the quality of health care in Uganda and EAste Africa at large. Our medical product range from medicine products, surgical medical equipment, diagnostic
equipment, mobility care and life style products.


The Multiple Super Investments Ltd continuous improvement policy is given in all aspects of our business and is central to our stringent quality system. All are designed to comply with the code of practice, which is essential for use in areas such as hospitals and clinics.

These locations demand a high standard of hygiene products and Multiple is designed in such a way that ensures ease of supplying. All processes in the manufacturing of Multiple products meet both local and international standards.

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